Thursday, October 1, 2020

Prepare For Global Price Inflation: Now European Central Banker Calls for 'Overshooting Inflation Targets'

The mad money printing philosophy that is at the heart of the Federal Reserve monetary policy has hit the European continent. 

European Central Bank policy maker Pablo Hernandez de Cos added his support to arguments for a Federal Reserve-style strategy that allows officials to temporarily overshoot their inflation goal, reports Bloomberg.

Echoing comments a day earlier by President Christine Lagarde, the Bank of Spain governor said it’s worth examining a more “symmetrical” inflation target. The ECB should make it clear “that the degree of acceptance for inflation deviations above the target will be the same as when such deviations are below.”

“It might be necessary to clarify the specific level of inflation that we intend to achieve, to make it easier for economic agents to understand,” said Hernandez de Cos.

Translation: Lagarde and Hernandez de Cos are setting the stage for the ECB to join the irresponsible mad Federal Reserve in super aggressive money printing that is similar to type of money printing advocated by Modern Monetary Policy proponents.

A stunning price inflation advance is developing on a global scale. 

Hug your gold coins.


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  1. Is this all apart of the “great reset”? Is it purposeful to make things so bad financially that people beg for the economic reset?