Tuesday, October 20, 2020

TSA Screens 1 Million Daily Passengers for First Time Since Pandemic Began

Dread risk fear appears to be subsiding.

 More people flew in the U.S. over the weekend of Oct. 16-18 than at any other point during the COVID-19 panic, the Transportation Security Administration reports.

On Sunday alone, the TSA screened 1 million passengers at airport checkpoints for the first time since March 17, spokesperson Lisa Farbstein said in a release.

"Although passenger volumes remain well below pre-pandemic levels, the one million single-day passenger volume is noteworthy," Farbstein said.

The lowest point for screenings came in April when several days were under 100,000. 


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  1. "Dread risk fear appears to be subsiding."

    -- How can you tell? They're all wearing fear masks.