Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Biden Fills Economic Posts With Experts on "Systemic Racism"

When it comes to economic policy, Joe Biden is putting racial disparities high on the agenda as he assembles his administration, reports Bloomberg.

More from Bloomberg:

The incoming president tapped Mehrsa Baradaran, whose book “The Color of Money” is a key reference on the racial wealth gap, to prepare the Treasury Department for the transition. She’s joined by Lisa Cook, an economist at Michigan State University, on the “landing team” for the Federal Reserve and banking and securities regulators. They are among more than 500 experts who will focus on race as they shape Biden’s policies on issues like housing, health and small-business lending. Baradaran declined to comment, and Cook referred questions to the Biden team.

Observers say they’ve never seen expertise about race figure so prominently in economic roles.

Of course, there is zero chance that Biden and his team will do anything to actually help inner-city black youth, such as ending minimum wage laws which make it nearly impossible for inner-city black youth to get that all-important first job.

In fact, Biden just yesterday called for a higher minimum wage, which only benefits union members by keeping lower-paid workers out of the workforce, and Joe is all about unions. He said so yesterday:

I want you to know I’m a union guy. Unions are going to have increased power.

The racial disparities concept has been captured by the Marxist left to advance Marxism. 

Joe is very dangerous.


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