Sunday, November 22, 2020

I Became a Congresswoman to Stop Socialism in America

Victoria Spartz, a Ukrainian American, was just elected to Congress from Indiana's 5th congressional district.

She gets it.


From her website:
  • Our constitutional republic was created with limited government functions to protect the individual rights to Life, Liberty and Property. We must preserve our 2nd Amendment freedoms against the tyranny of the government, and protect the sanctity of all human life.
  • Our national debt is unsustainable. We must cut spending, reform welfare to empower, not suppress low income individuals, and balance the budget. The debt can be tackled, not by raising taxes on US citizens, but by taking a critical look at the unnecessary spending of the federal government.
  • Free enterprise is the foundation of our country. We must limit regulation powers of the executive branch and maintain a vibrant business environment, so all businesses, no matter their size, can thrive.
She is shaky on some other issues but a good foundation and a hellof a lot better than AOC.



  1. Well it’s good to hear some good talk from her, hope it’s true. Maybe she has a better understanding being from where she is, but sometimes that isn’t good either. I don’t mind being skeptical when I say whatever. There’s nothing good that is going to come out of DC, when have they ever done anything that advances Liberty? Ever? Anything? Anyone?

    1. I agree. DC actions are not the answer. We need a groundswell of activity like that of the business owners in Buffalo, NY who chased out the health bureaucrat and sheriff. Civil disobedience everywhere and always.

  2. Maybe we could kick out a few million illegal immigrants that drain the coffers of all citizen taxpayers for starters. That would certainly boost GDP.

  3. Her website has the usual pablum about a Strong National Defense, and doesn't mention the word "war", so I wouldn't get too hopeful.