Thursday, November 19, 2020

National Football League Nudges Toward the Cash-Free Future: Cash Will Not Be Accepted at Super Bowl

Why is it that the National Football League takes so many steps that nudge the country toward more statism?

The NFL has announced that Super Bowl LV, to be held on February 7, 2021, will be a 100 percent digital payment event for fans throughout the stadium on game day, including parking, concessions, retail, mobile ordering, and more. No cash will be accepted.

The NFL is forcing this digital use on Super Bowl attendees in conjunction with, surprise, Visa.

“Visa is one of our key partners in helping us imagine how our fans will experience the NFL in years to come,” said Renie Anderson, Executive Vice President of Partnerships & Chief Revenue Officer for the NFL. “We’re excited to announce that for our biggest event the future is here and we thank Visa for the innovative approach to enable a more secure way to pay at Super Bowl LV. This move will not only make the game more enjoyable and efficient for our fans, but most importantly, safer for all involved.”


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  1. 1. Goodell is some senators nephew
    2. NFL has enviable charity status
    3. Visa spends lots of advertising dollars with the NFL