Thursday, November 19, 2020

Rob Schneider is Serious About Ludwig von Mises

 Rob Schneider

Actor and comedian Rob Schneider has put out a Tweet recommending The Anti-Capitalist Mentality by Ludwig Von Mises.

This is heavy stuff.


Schneider is not playing.

It should be noted that a chapter in the book is titled, "The Communism of Broadway and Hollywood."

As a comedian, he must have appreciated this sentence as Mises closed the chapter:

When a future historian searches for those little significant facts which Taine appreciated highly as source material, he should not neglect to mention the role which the world's most famous striptease artist played in the American radical movement.

Here is a Schneider teaser (3 minutes and 1 second):




  1. Wow, a lot of his tweets are preeeetty good.

  2. He's willing to acknowledge that vaccines have risks/side effects, which is an unpopular, but truthful position to take.

    1. Yeah, the vaccine zealots are some of the greatest zealots of all. You are for all vaccines or for no vaccines. No nuance permitted.

      Now that I think about it, the pro-vax position portended the mask and lockdown zealots. It seems health issues are an excellent way to gain social control. You get a strong fight or flight response.

  3. One of his tweets shows a paperback of 'The Mises Reader' open at the breakfast table.