Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The Most Dangerous Appointment Joe Biden Has Made So Far

John Kerry and Joe Biden

Joe Biden has appointed John Kerry as his special presidential envoy for climate. 

There is much more to the appointment than appears at first blush. Although there is something to the statement made by Taki that Kerry, who is married to a Heinz ketchup heiress, is first off a gigolo, he is a very dangerous gigolo who doesn't seem to understand his role should be one of spending afternoons shopping with his lady.

First off, because he will officially be a presidential envoy, he will not have to go through a Senate confirmation process, Biden can, as he has done, just appoint him.

But Kerry's position will be that of a Cabinet-level official in Biden's administration and he will sit on the National Security Council. That's as high-level as you can get.

"This marks the first time that the NSC will include an official dedicated to climate change, reflecting the president-elect's commitment to addressing climate change as an urgent national security issue," the Biden transition team said in a statement.

"It'll be an honor to work with our allies and partners, alongside rising young leaders in the climate movement, to tackle the climate crisis with the seriousness and urgency it deserves," Kerry wrote in a tweet.

But what does "work with allies and partners" really mean?

To understand that, one needs to know that climate change is part of the globalist "Great Reset" agenda.

From the globalist World Economic Forum:
The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world's ability to diverge from business-as-usual to protect public health and safety. How can we carry that over to address the threats of climate change and socio-economic injustice?

That was the question posed at the latest Great Reset Dialogue, the fortnightly event hosted by the World Economic Forum, this time as part of its Sustainable Development Impact Summit.

Climate change policy is one of the ways that the globalists are going to introduce Great Reset authoritarian control measures.

Kerry understands this as do the Biden puppetmasters.

The globalists will have an operative, in Kerry, sitting in Cabinet meetings and at the NSC. This is really the last person, short of AOC, you want sitting in such a position.

Think of the position as "John Kerry, the Great Reset special envoy acting on behalf of the globalists" and you will have a better sense of what Kerry will be advancing at Cabinet meetings and at the NSC.


  1. Plus, the Biden administration will also fulfill the libertardian dream of 'open borders' where we can more turd world trash into the country. While most of us suffer, at least RW can get his $5/day 'muh cheap labor'.

    Everything about this administration is destructive to America, yet RW cried about Trump.

    1. Trump is the reason Biden looks to be heading to the White House. And you can take that is a few different ways.
      I’ll tell you what LM, those BLM, Antifa, and the American politicians who are setting us up for the Great reset are mostly all white. I think it’s great you still whine about immigrants so much. Don’t you think it might be a never has been story? Did your area you live get hit hard by unemployment and Mexicans were the easy target of blame for politicians there? I have a totally different experience with immigrant workers when I grew up right in the middle of immigrant territory in Idaho, we lived in the middle of where the commercial fruit orchards gathered together Mexicans who were all illegal picking fruit. I know there are bad folks south of the border, but I think your categorization of them can be equally applied to all peoples, well except maybe the leftist white people are much more numerous in AMERICA.
      I think RW was absolutely right about Trump. He completely motivated the left and suckered the right, and instead of good conservatives moving more towards freedom in their philosophy they turned more collectivist and gave Trump a pass for everything bad he’s done. I mean I am so sick of even libertarians, who aren’t libertarian, telling me Trump is just setting everything up blah blah 8 dimensional chess blah blah trust the plan...when at the very least the folks Trump continued to allow to be killed by the US war machine probably don’t like being pawns in his so called chess match.
      Now we can never know how bad things might have gotten under Hillary, but I don’t think nearly as bad as a Biden administration will be because the 4 years of Trump threw much more opposition into the hands of the hardcore leftist.
      The Right would probably have taken this election handily, as they would have been the ones receiving the discontented opposition. And it could have been bad enough that a person with some actual scruples to protect Liberty might have got a shot at it. Probably not that far, but at least it would have been someone mentioning freedom.
      I just think republicans hype immigration to get the LabManagers to vote for them much like the right hyped up how they are going to stop abortion to rally the Christian Right behind them, and it’s a great issue too, they’ve been using it for 47 freaking years, ha, just about the same amount of time Ol sleepy joe has been in government. If America survives Biden, and the Great Reset, there should be some mighty opposition to him in 4 years, but I feel like every 4 years the freedom cause is a little weaker because it’s been constantly compromised until we people will think a McCain type is an equal to Ron Paul.

    2. I'd be more than happy to round up the shitlibs which are a problem into concentration camps, and I've never denied they are an issue. I've never claimed Trump was perfect, but most of your complaints were ALL created by the media. You have to give Trump credit for not creating any new wars which is saying something. I believe he is trying to get us out of some of these places, but the forces arrayed against him are strong and it's clear the president really does not control these people sadly enough. Mattis and others have shown themselves traitors. The rats are coming out.

      However, you've never once proved to me that all these immigrants are 'natural libertarians' coming here for liberty when it all comes to down to economics. I understand why they are coming, but since you to are a dumbass libertarian who thinks if thousands of violent muslims or whatever were imported, they all become dope smoking, NAP loving, citizens of the realm due to magic dirt.

      I'm still glad I voted Trump overall since the left/deep state has forced itself to show its hand now. The election fraud, the appalling Biden appointments, and much else.

      I live in the southern region of Texas with those 'Messicans' and I can tell you that most don't want the turd world hoard from south of the border since they know what Mexico is like. But hey, maybe you and RW could stop down here sometime and talk to some brown cotton gin worker during 12 hour shift about how 'muh cheap labor' would solve so many problems except in place like Mexico or Africa.

  2. PLZ remember David Stockman in all of this. He provided a Laundry List of "Orange Man Bad" items which were dutifully picked up and repeated. Now we get the News.

    LO! Biden and the Dems are hard Leftists?!?? RILLY? Who knew?

    This is so sad in so many ways and one of the saddest chapters in all of this is following the Walter Duranty level of Mis-Direction from Stockman.

    I'm certain that Stockman is smiling today. Mission Accomplished. He knew and he knows. A Marxist is a heartbeat away from the Presidency in a Biden Administration.

    What's the worry? "Orange Man is a RUDE person", as if he left a woman to drown in a car or bit the lip of Jennifer Flowers (or was it Kathleen Wiley - or was it Monica?...) or pushed a woman against a wall and digitally penetrated her ("Don't you like me?", saith Biden...) or Hunter or... whatever.

    Remember David Stockman in all of this, the Greatest Scandal in American History.

    A Politically Evil man.

    1. Stockman is a sorry jack ass. This is the guy who worked for the failed Reagan administration when it comes to limiting government and then wants to lecture on the awfulness of Trump. I wonder if he is not a closet Marxist.

  3. Well well the new agenda to keep people distracted is already well underway. SlowJoe is the new circus in town and all the same players are getting parts in the same damn version of the same damn play.