Saturday, November 7, 2020

VIDEO: Bill Gates Demonstrates How to Answer Tough Job Interview Questions

 The evil manipulator demonstrates some, not surprisingly, pretty good ways to answer common job interview questions. (It's the first 2 minutes and 41 seconds of the clip). 



  1. That's not a side note, that's a key observation of a significant weakness in Bill Gates' ability to deal with other people. Especially as it relates to consumer demand. With Microsoft he was fortunate to be associated with skilled sales people, like his mother. He doesn't have that support any more and its obvious. There is no consumer demand for a vaccine. There is demand for products and services that will help each individual maintain and improve their health. Because each individual is unique, no two are exactly the same, each person's body and immune system reacts differently. There is little evidence that vaccines can improve an individuals health better than their own immune system. Keeping the immune system strong and healthy requires each individual to find that unique combination of sleep, diet, exercise and personal hygiene that works for them. This requires a self-awareness and discipline that no vaccine can provide. Because Bill Gates is weak in people communication skills he is apparently blind to this information which can best be provided by listening carefully to consumer demand.

  2. I don't think his lack of people skills has anything to do with it. There are wealthy self proclaimed social engineers from across the spectrum of people skills. Their common trait comes in the form of social darwinism. They are wealthy therefore they should decide. It's the company town utopian mindset.

    There are many many people who have weak "people skills" that are individualists and stress that everyone is different. The vaccine issue generally falls along the lines of collectivists imposing on individualists. Collectivists tend to people with greater ability socially than individualists. A collectivist relies on social ability to survive and individualist relies on his technical abilities. The individualist can do for himself he doesn't need social skills to get someone to do something for him. He only needs the limited social skill set of being able to trade with other people like himself.