Sunday, November 1, 2020

WARNING: The European Central Bank is Preparing to Launch a Digital Euro

 Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank, just posted this on her Twitter feed:

This is an extremely dangerous step.

It is the first step in the direction of abolishing physical currency. 

Once physical currency is abolished, the government that has gone totally digital with its money will be able to see every transaction made by its citizens. Privacy in transactions will be gone. It is then only a small step to control what can and can not be purchased.

A government-controlled digital currency is one of the most dangerous threats to liberty in our age. 



  1. I think state-sanctioned digital currencies will bring in a new kind of misery. On the other hand, I think underground black-market bartering will become common for us bad kids. Maybe we'll get some repeat of the regression theorem.

  2. Indeed. Very dystopian.
    Here in Brazil the central bank is implementing its system of “instant payments” (called PIX). Soon this system will be the environment of the digital BRL.
    The central bank then will be in a position to depreciate the BRL even further.

  3. Revelation 13 is fulfulling itself