Friday, December 11, 2020

Biden Names China Hater For Top Trade Post

Katherine Tai 

There goes open trade with China if Joe Biden becomes president. He will probably be worse than President Trump. I wonder if the Chinese still think the millions they gave Hunter Biden was a good investment.

Biden has announced that his handlers have chosen Katherine Tai as US Trade Representative in his administration.

Tai, a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Law School, has issues with China that she will no doubt bring with her to her position as trade representative.

“Under Biden, Tai could be instrumental in implementing the strategy of recruiting allies and ganging up on China at the WTO,” Wu Xinbo, director of Fudan University’s American studies center, told the South China Morning Post.

Meanwhile, Shi Yinhong, a professor on international relations at Renmin University in Beijing and a government adviser, said Tai’s nomination might be another “negative signal” for China-US relations and might continue Washington’s tough stance on China.

Tai's parents immigrated from Taiwan which is probably how she developed her China hatred.

That said, the Open Secret employment timeline shows that her entire career has been in Washington D.C. as a revolving door swamp creature.



  1. This is why hate libertarians. RW is simply too stupid to see that the CCP is a hostile foreign power not only to the US but also its neighbors like India. But hey, let us keep the pure faith of relying upon an entity hostile to American interests for drugs, medical PPE, and other stuff.

    Sure we need in China in some ways like buying agricultural products, but giving away our industry is stupid.

    1. This is the first I’ve heard that libertarians are responsible for any foreign policy. Actually I understand what you are saying, I think at times though taking a libertarian position stand alone doesn’t do justice to the position. We believe in free trade, which is just that, no government action required. Or wanted. So when a China comes into the conversation it isn’t just black and white “libertarians want to trade with China while it kills them” we want trade to happen with China. And for the Chinese government to disappear. Our philosophy is a whole philosophy. In a way, something like Madison said, “ To suppose that any form of government will secure liberty or happiness without any virtue in the people, is a chimerical [imaginary] idea”.
      I know there are problems with China, they are communist. I want real free trade with China, but that’s far from the only thing I would like to see happening with China.