Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Larry Ellison: Screw California, I'm Heading to Hawaii

Larry Ellison

The exodus from California is taking some interesting turns.

Hewlett-Packard has announced it is leaving Silicon Valley for Houston, Texas.

Elon Musk has announced he is moving to Austin, Texas, and moving the Tesla headquarters there.

Oracle has also announced that it will move its headquarters to Austin, but here is the twist. Oracle founder and tech billionaire Larry Ellison is himself moving to Hawaii.

Ellison sent this memo out to Oracle staff  (via Teddy Schleifer):

Ellison owns most of the island of Lanai.

I really don't think most California government officials understand how much of the tax base is leaving the state.

The major players are making the headlines but many more medium-size businesses are leaving the state as well as high-income individuals.

The outflow may not end until the state is nothing but one big homeless encampment.



  1. "The outflow may not end until the state is nothing but one big homeless encampment."
    Don't look now, Bob, BUT...

    1. I'm waiting for your boat to rescue me. I'll be on the Embarcadero.

    2. Did I mention that Hurricane Dorian flipped my boat upside down in the Bahamas in Sept. 2019? Still unable to visit her due to this COVID nonsense. Painful? I wake up screaming.

    3. I didn't mean to sound like such a downer. I've bought another boat with hopes to "rescue" Island Flyer in January, if the Bahamas open up a little. I'd be proud to meet you at the Embarcadero, Robert.

    4. LOL, Capn.

      If London Breed and Gavin Newsom can't get me down, you sure as hell can't.

      Let me know the next time that you are in the city.

    5. Thanks, guys. It means a lot to me.
      I think I owe you a couple of drinks, Robert. I'm kinda shy about meeting someone I look up to...
      But in the mean time, while in SF, MIND WHERE YOU STEP!!

  2. I'm leaving Bay Area for Austin in a week... and I'm in 0.01%. I didn't leave the USSR to live in its reenactment again.