Tuesday, December 8, 2020

London Breed Economics

London Breed

San Francisco Mayor London Breed has issued another massive lockdown of the Foggy City, so she amazingly tweets this:

But she has a solution:

Oh yeah, the "federal government needs to act"!

She is talking about the federal government that has no money and is $27 trillion in debt.

Where the hell does Breed think the Federal government is going to get the money to bail her city out, especially considering Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City to name a few are also on lockdown?

The only thing the government can do is print the money out of thin air via the Federal Reserve. It would, in the end, via price inflation hurt the people again that she has put under lockdown.

The inability to think at a rigorous level is just remarkable.

The fundamental point is that COVID-19 is not a serious health threat to 99.9% of the population. For most people, the risk would be the same as if dining out at the French Laundry.

There is no need for any lockdowns. Those at high risk need to be protected if they so choose (that is all.)

The destruction of small businesses would end instantaneously.

What occurred at the very start when news first emerged about COVID-19 is that she got a severe case of dread risk fear.

She admitted as much, although she didn't realize she was revealing the symptoms of dread risk fear.

The Atlantic author Russell Berman wrote back in April:

Breed told me that what got her attention early on was the ghastly photographs and footage coming out of Wuhan, China, showing the region’s hospitals overrun by coronavirus patients. “A picture’s worth a thousand words—seeing the images of what could potentially happen and then hearing your doctors tell you that we may not have the capacity to handle this situation,” the mayor said, recalling a briefing during which her advisers laid out the possibilities for a similar scenario in stark detail.

This is exactly how Gerd Gigerenzer, former director of the Planck Institute in Berlin, describes how the fear takes hold over logic.

Breed has a severe case. Now, she wants to step into the world of economics where she is basically calling for mad money-printing instead of ending the lockdown.

History will not be kind to London Breed unless she gets her act together and soon.



  1. My Governor, Gretchen Bitchmer (er, I mean, Whitmer) had a news conference yesterday. The "temporary" 3-week shutdown has been extended another 12 days. I don't think anyone in the state of Michigan was surprised. And no surprise either when she extends it yet again.

    1. I am from livonia and am coming back for Christmas, she better not ruining my X mas.

    2. Well, if you have the attitude that "Christmas is in the heart," then you'll be just fine.

  2. She's got the perfect name for a British alternative punk band. Maybe I'll start one.