Sunday, December 20, 2020

Throw These Facts at Your Climate Nutjob Alarmist Friends

Putting aside for a minute the sketchy foundation of climate change alarmists, the economics of the alternatives to oil as energy sources are rarely considered by climate alarmists. 

 Are wind, solar, and batteries the magical solutions to all our energy needs? Or do they come with too high a price?

 Mark Mills, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, analyzes the true cost — both economic and environmental — of so-called green energy.


Remember, central planners, by definition, have to be shallow thinkers who can't possibly consider all the moving parts of their draconian blunt instrument regulations. The above are just some of the obvious factors they do not consider.


(ht LRC)

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  1. Yikes, PragerU. Even if it is accurate...PragerU? Seriously?