Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Tyler Cowen "Reviews" The New Charles Koch Book

On line 6 (which is about book 6) of a Tyler Cowen post, What I Have Been Reading, he gets around to a new book from his benefactor Charles Koch.

The "review" is two lines long but the final line says it all.

It is more about Cowen's stamina than anything else. The line reads:

I read the whole thing.

I have the book also, Believe in People, and I have tried to read it about three different times, but every time I pick it up and flip through it, it is difficult to go any further. The thought just comes of what Justin Raimondo once said to me, "Charles just wants to be loved."

The one thing you get from just glancing through the book is that Charles is no, boots swaggering, billionaire rebel fighting for liberty. Justin had it right, Charles just wants to fit in and thus adopts the posture that doesn't offend current wacko culture when we desperately need a billionaire who can help in a big way in smashing the nonsense in the nose. I mean, what the hell else are you going to do with $44.9 billion if you are a libertarian other than mess up a few statist plans?

He would never be a hero in an Ayn Rand novel.


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