Monday, January 25, 2021

Evil Grandma Confirmed as Treasury Secretary

The US Senate has confirmed Janet Yellen as Treasury secretary.

Nothing good will come out of her reign.

She is bought and paid for by the establishment.

In total, since leaving as chair of the Federal Reserve she has been paid $7.2 million in speaking fees.

If the establishment wants out of control spending, she will deliver.

If the establishment wants higher taxes on the masses, she will deliver.

If the establishment wants price inflation, she will deliver. 

If the establishment wants to destroy Bitcoin, she will deliver.

The vote was 84-15.

The  "Nays" were: Cotton, Hawley, Boozman, Paul, Hoeven, Tuberville, Risch, Shelby, Blackburn, Barrasso, Lee, Cramer, Scott (Fla.), Cruz, Sullivan


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