Sunday, January 31, 2021

Major Advisory in Tomorrow's EPJ Daily Alert


On March 25, 2020, I put out in the EPJ Daily Alert an ALL-IN advisory. 

Stock market traders at the time were in panic. But, within 48 hours of my ALL-IN advisory, the stock market exploded to the upside. It eventually hit record levels.

This is how I teased my call, here at EPJ, the day before on Tuesday, March 24:

I have been writing the EPJ Daily Alert for years but I have never written an Alert like the one I am going to write on Wednesday.

I think it may well be THE CALL of my career.

Now, I am about to make another major call. In many ways, this call will be more important than the call I made in March of last year.

You do not want to miss it. 

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NOTE: Past spectacular calls do not necessarily mean future spectacular calls.


  1. I'll be checking my phone all morning. Please post as early as possible. I see silver futures up over 10%.

  2. Was this issued yesterday? I am a subscriber but I did not get a Daily Alert yesterday.