Thursday, January 14, 2021

There is No Inflation: Mickey Mantle Card Sells for $5.2 Million

A 1952 Mantle baseball card became the highest-priced sports card ever, selling for $5.2 million, PWCC Marketplace has announced.

The previous record was $3.94 million, set in August for a signed Mike Trout 2009 rookie card.

Notes the New York Post, the Mantle record is also part of a boom in sports memorabilia that took off last year and has continued in 2021.

This is all about the massive Federal Reserve money pumping, almost any asset is climbing in price and will continue to so so until the irresponsible Fed money printing stops.


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  1. Collectables are about emotion and timing of the sale when multiple deep pockets are looking to buy. Some of those deep pockets may be near fed money taps, but that doesn't the next time this card is offered it will fetch anything close to this price.

    A record price for a collector car gets recorded and then in a couple few years time the same car goes up for sale and can't get anywhere close. It may not even make the reserve and then not get sold. This is usually not announced to the world. Nor does it get considered 'deflation'.

    Which is another thing about auctions, a collectable may go through failed attempts before the right people are in the room to bid up the price.

    I find it difficult to see such things as inflation or deflation. Sure there's some monetary role there but it's way behind emotion and timing.