Monday, January 11, 2021

Twitter Shares Down Big After Ban on Trump’s Account

Twitter stock is down roughly 7% in early trading today following the company’s announcement on Friday that it had permanently canceled President Donald Trump’s @realDonaldTrump account.

Shares of Twitter also fell over 3% in late trading on Friday after the announcement, so overall it is a 10% hit to the value of the company.

Indications are that conservative and libertarian accounts are losing between 5% and 10% of their followers.

It is not clear if these are accounts canceling because of the Trump ban or whether it is an expanded purge by Twitter.

Trump's account had over 88 million followers.



  1. Random thought: Is it possible for the right to start using cancel culture against the left?

    Haven't given enough thought to what makes cancel culture possible. But at the very least, it seems big tech's censorship may have gotten big enough for the right to no longer stay quiet and have some willingness to engage in cancel culture.

    If both sides engaged in that, hopefully it would make everyone feel the pain and realize how destructive it is to a society with free speech and free thought.

    1. Yes. For men, it is through their wife and children. Boston Tea Party provided a blueprint for how to do it in his novel, Molon Labe. As I recall from the book, the local townsfolk in one Wyoming town had had enough of federal LEOs for their continued harassment of citizens. So they decided to no longer voluntarily associate with their wives or children. The hair and nail salons where the federal LEO wives frequented refused to serve them (by this time in the story all licensing and certifications for such places had been done away with). The parents of the children who were friends with and would have play dates with the children of the federal LEOs refused to allow their children to play with the children of the federal LEOs. The wives and children became isolated and pariahs in the community due to the actions of their husbands, and the wives forced the husbands to sell the house and move away. This worked in the novel because freedom had been gradually but strategically cultivated in the hearts and minds of the populace and local and state government had been gradually deconstructed over a period of 1-2 decades such that the populace was generally libertarian (no Lab Managers) and united against the federal LEOs.

  2. Anecdotally Bob I can report there is a growing movement to cancel Twitter accounts. And why not?

  3. I hope Jack and his crew serves as the social net implosion poster child that turns twit into the new Myspace.

    Everyone wants to convince the populace they have no power when the opposite is true