Sunday, January 24, 2021

WARNING: Joe Biden On the Minimum Wage

On Friday, Joe Biden signed an executive order directing the Office of Personnel Management to develop recommendations to increase the minimum wage for federal employees to $15 per hour.

While a minimum wage hike for federal employees is different from a minimum wage hike in the private sector, since there is no way to determine without private-sector competition what value if any a federal employee brings to the table (sometimes it can be zero value or negative value), the federal employee minimum wage hike is likely the first step in a Biden administration move to raise the federal minimum wage across the board.

Elizabeth Warren signals where things are headed:

Warning, there are a number of curious studies out there that claim minimum wage increases don't cause unemployment. I discussed this nonsense in front of a radical leftist anarchist group in Oakland. California in October 2013.

Slicker lefties will claim that the hit to employment will be offset by the wage gains for those who don't lose their jobs.

I took care of that argument in July 2017:



  1. I have a hard time imagining a federal employee making less than $15 an hour currently. Maybe I'm way off but I would think that even a menial job at any federal facility would pay that much. On the same note though, I can't imagine a federal building anywhere that hasn't required masks up until now.