Friday, January 22, 2021

Wenzel on FOX Soul

Last night I was a guest on "The Tammi Mac Late Show" which appears on FOX Soul, a Fox Television production.

We discussed gentrification. The entire show was fun but the second half is the best.

The link to the show is here.



  1. Great effort! The intellectual chasm is enormous. Makes sense how numerous fallacies just totally dominate the mindset of black people and white liberals.

  2. Good to see you challenging some of the normies on a mainstream show, Mr. Wenzel. Don't think the proles will be waking up any time soon but still fun to see the engagement.

  3. I can't help but feel that starting off with an acknowledgment of how existing systemic racism in the form of the drug war, gun control, minimum wage and other government programs has led to many people of color facing disadvantages in society would soften some of the blows that you dealt out later in your discourse. Truth is, people of color have been brutalized and marginalized by politicians, bureaucrats and coppers for a century or more so it's no wonder they feel the way they do.

  4. The answer to RW's question how (or why) blacks cannot be compared to Chinese immigrants was slavery.

    Not only are Chinese immigrants to the US more successful than ancestors of blacks enslaved in the US, all immigrants to the US are more successful than ancestors of blacks enslaved in the US, including blacks from Africa. The question is, why is this true? What is different about blacks that are ancestors of slaves and blacks that voluntarily immigrate to the US? Are they subjected to bigotry more? If so why?

    Blacks in the USA have been adversely affected by their ancestors enslavement in North America. IMO, at this point in time, with the political environment we have had toward blacks starting in the 1960's and progressing through today, that the effect of slavery on blacks is no longer caused by racism but the mentality of most blacks. They have been victims of a horrible system outside of their control. They are now victims of their own victimhood which causes them to blame others, others that in most cases no longer exist, and for those that do exist are so few and far between that they are insignificant to the prosperity of blacks. Perpetual victims cannot prosper on their own. Their existence requires others to perpetually see them as victims. Otherwise they would have to do what their immigrant friends have done – just get on with it.

    Those that see themselves as the elite have been trying to enslave everyone other than themselves for a very long time. Almost everyone alive has slaves in their ancestry. Almost everyone alive is to some extent enslaved now. The reasons that Africans got the worst of this over the past 500 years are cultural, both of the slavers and the slaves.

    If gentrification has harmed blacks more than helped them, it is not due to the small amount of current bigotry. It is due to current circumstances which are in part attributable to bigotry in the past. The past cannot be changed only how we deal with it in the present.

    RW mentioned not taxing blacks as a means of reparations. In a discussion with a black friend about reparations I suggested that in the current political environment blacks have a unique position to tell the powers that should not be to leave them alone and build their own privilege. No taxation, no regulations, just strict enforcement of property rights. Blacks would have a Private Property Society that would be so peaceful and prosperous that everyone would want to be a part of it. Black America could be the beacon on the hill for the world. This will bring voluntary integration.