Friday, February 5, 2021

Executive Editor of News for Bloomberg Digital: We Need More Monetary Inflation to Fight Price Inflation

My head is still spinning.

Weisenthal is executive editor of news for Bloomberg Digital, co-anchor of “What’d You Miss?”, Bloomberg Television’s flagship markets program, as well as Bloomberg’s “Odd Lots” podcast.

Some of the things that Weisenthal's perspective fails to consider:

That pumping more money into an economy means that more money is available to bid for goods, which is upward pressure on prices.

To pump more money into the investment sector results in a distortion of the economy. There will always be a natural tendency to move against the distortion. Thus requiring a continual accelerating amount of money in the investment sector which puts even more upward pressure on prices.

That if you simply stop the money printing, the price inflation will end on its own.

Capitalism is about free markets. It has nothing to do with central bank manipulation of interest rates, higher or lower.



  1. Apparently Weisenthal believes that Paul Volcker doesnt believe in capitalism. I'm sure thatd be news to Tall Paul.

  2. So his thesis is rising prices are a signal that more investment should be encouraged? A bubble means a bigger bubble is desired, I guess...

    Well ok then.

    David B.