Thursday, February 4, 2021

Janet Yellen Calls All Major Government Players in for a Sit Down Over the GameStop Short-Squeeze

Janet Yellen

Later today, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will convene a meeting with the heads of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Reserve Board, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and Commodity Futures Trading Commission to discuss "recent volatility in financial markets."

In other words, it is about the short-squeeze in GameStock that ended up with "revolutionary" investors losing big time. 

It was something that was obvious would happen. When the squeeze was in play last week, I warned about it:

 [T]his is a VERY dangerous game, not "something to believe in."

This is kind-of the Trump stock market (He was all for Fed money printing, he encouraged it!) version of the storming of the Capitol. It is not going to end well for most...It is a game of musical chairs where ALL the chairs are taken away when the music stops. Anyone who plays it better be prepared to lose all their money. 

Yellen should know better. This was a typical short-squeeze there is nothing to have a meeting about.

The real scam is the Fed money printing. The printing put money in the hands of the "revolutionaries" who proceeded to lose it.

Next will come the price inflation---but Yellen is not going to bring that up today.

She may not even be aware that the price inflation threat is very near and very close.


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  1. Translation:

    It is time for your Oligarchy swamp creatures to meet to make sure this can never happen again and enact change to ensure the hedge fund gamblers can never be embarrassed again.