Friday, March 19, 2021

Did the SEC Pay Michael "Big Short" Burry a Visit to Silence Him?

Michael Burry

Michael Burry, famous for warning about the housing crisis and focal point of the movie "The Big Short," recently posted warnings about a coming Wiemar-style hyperinflation hitting the United States.

He also warned about bitcoin and criticized "out of touch billionaire Bill Gates."

Then he deleted almost all of his tweets.

Yesterday, in a tweet, he seems to have indicated it was because of a visit by the SEC:

This tweet has now also been deleted.

 Of course, the question must be asked: Why is Joe Biden's SEC intimidating those who are providing warnings about the future, if that is indeed what the SEC did? 

Has the Cancel Culture now hit financial warnings?



  1. Does anybody actually think bumbling Biden is running this show, any more than Obama was truly running his show (which did fine attacking Trump without an obvious figure head)? They were just (willingly) riding the tiger. We are seeing the (add your favorite adjective) State, with its self-interested bureaucracy, flexing its muscles. The State, and all its cronies, are starving, and they will devour whatever they think they can get away with (e.g., the last year of derangement). It will not end well.

  2. We're going full Orwell-1984.

    The bureaucracy is just using any tools available to work around the 1st Amendment. They are using the SEC in this case. They are attempting to use the FDA in the case of Dr. Mercola. The difference is that Mercola is one tough guy and is fighting back, whereas Burry simply caved into the pressure.

  3. Ian Freeman wouldn't have deleted the tweets.

    There's got to be some happy medium between rolling over and getting rolled over. Ian's got no head. Michael's got no balls.

    It's just frustrating that most everyone who's able to see things for what they are is perfectly willing to just play ball and hope the state will go destroy someone else's life... for now.