Thursday, March 11, 2021

How the City of Los Angeles Forced the Shutdown of 3 Kroger's Grocery Stores

Kroger has announced that it will close three more of its stores in Los Angeles after the city passed a “hero pay” ordinance mandating a $5 pay bump for grocery and pharmacy workers.

Two Ralphs stores — at 9616 West Pico Blvd. and 3300 West Slauson Ave. – and a Food 4 Less at 5420 W. Sunset Blvd. all owned and operated by Kroger will be shut down on May 15, according to the grocery chain. The company says the three stores were already under-performing, and the Los Angeles mandate put the final nail in the coffin.

In Economics 101 you should be taught, but it doesn't always happen, that you can't force an economic structure.

This is my take on what "The truth will out" means.

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  1. Poor people excited about a government mandated wage increase:
    ‘l- Higher minimum wage = increased skill floor. I'm not paying you S15 to take an order at a counter or to sweep a floor. I'll be paying you S15 an hour to do 3 jobs to justify your expense or replace you with automation.
    2- As a landlord. I will be increasing your rent and offer you less amenities to coverthe cost of tax increases and to capitalize on your increased income.
    3- Since l have to pay more for your housing, all of my rental units will now require a background check arid confirmation of3 months of rent. Don't like it? Thats ok. the government has housing for you down the street.
    4- As the employer, you're no longer going to get 40 hours a week, you're going to get “I5-20 maybe and l don't care how many jobs you need to work to make ends meet. I'm the employer, myjob comes first, your employment issue is your own problem.
    5- As a business owner, my costs and services will raise to match inflation. Your ability to not afford things just got significantly worse.
    These are just the 5 most basic outcomes of forcing an artificial wage for cost of labor. Only the poor
    will suffer the most. Small businesses will increase cost of services and cut employment. Small business employees will then have to work for giant corporations to be treated like barcodes and debt slaves.
    Good job, inferiors. You demanded your own enslavement arid poverty. You get what you deserve.