Wednesday, March 31, 2021

High Profile Attorney Robert Barnes to Sue the Federal Reserve

Fed Chairman Jay Powell

This is an interesting angle, go after the Federal Reserve via the Freedom of Information Act.

Robert Barnes is a very clever attorney.

Here are the details:

Here is the GoFundMe page. 

 Note: I am reporting this because it is of interest to EPJ readers. I am not sure it is the best approach. If the Fed is exposed, then what? 

 Congrees, this congress, gets to rewrite central banking laws? Oh, Marone. 

 That said, if it stays at the harass the Fed level and dirties the reputation of the Fed, I am all for it!

 But I would much rather see #AuditFortKnox.


(ht Mark Addleman)


  1. With the growing embrace of MMT, would people even understand why the presence of gold in Fort Knox is important?

  2. Could they be sued for modifying the H6 data release?

  3. They hit their funding goal in 36 hours with 600 donations.