Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Tom Cotton Slams Chamber of Commerce: It is a Front Service for Woke Corporations

Tom Cotton

Neoconservative Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) on Tuesday slammed the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, saying the powerful business lobbying organization has lost its way and is siding more often with Democrats and progressive causes and he has a very good point.

According to The Hill, during an interview with radio show host Hugh Hewitt, Cotton said  “The Chamber endorsed several liberal Democrats for Congress, and all those liberal Democrats turned around last week, and every single one of them voted for [Speaker] Nancy Pelosi’s [D-Calif.] radical union bill,”  referring to House passage of the PRO Act (The Act would implement penalties on companies that violate pro-union labor law and would tamp down "right-to-work" laws in 27 states by blocking laws that allow employees to not pay union dues).

The Chamber “often serves as just a front service for woke corporations who are trying to peddle anti-American theories and demanding that their employees get reeducated and indoctrinated on anti-American ideas, like the fact that somehow we’re all terribly racist, or every one of our institutions is racist, and we all need to go to reeducation camps,” Cotton added.

Cotton told Hewitt that he’s not aware of any Republicans “who really listen” to what the Chamber has to say, adding that there are no longer "real Republicans" in its top ranks.

“Often times, the Chamber is captured by its biggest multinational corporations, and they are more in support of those businesses than they are in support of open and competitive markets,” Cotton continued.

The pro-war Cotton is terrible on foreign policy but he has the Chamber and its wokiness nailed.

Wokism has infiltrated a large chunk of big business executive suites, the sooner that is exposed, the better it will be.


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  1. I attempted to goad the local chamber of commerce into anti-shut-down action supporting the local businesses that were forced to shut down due to covid-19 hysteria and could get no response. Their idea of action was to lobby the state and federal government for ppe funds. They are definitely a crony business organization.