Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Chris Wallace Grills Buttigieg on False Jobs Claim: 'Why mislead people?'

 Pete Buttigieg

Chris Wallace is an unsteady ally of free market policy but on Sunday he gave a good and deserved, well, butt-kicking to  Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

On "Fox News Sunday" anchor Wallace noted that Buttigieg and other Biden administration officials have been overstating the number of jobs that would be created by Biden's "American Jobs Plan." He then asked, "Why mislead people?"

"You're right. I should have been more precise," Buttigieg replied.

Buttigieg then attempted to spin the projected number of jobs created by saying that there would be over 2 million more jobs created with the "infrastructure" plan than if there wasn't a plan, notes FOX News.

Wallace said there was a huge difference between 2 million jobs created and 19 million jobs, prompting Buttigieg to say it's "very important" for Americans to know 2.7 million jobs will be created. He then asked Buttigieg whether he agrees that he and other Biden administration officials exaggerated the "jobs impact."

"Secretary, you're the one who cited Moody's Analytics as 19 million, and it's actually 2.7 million, which is a bunch, but it's not what you said," Wallace said.

According To FOX, during an appearance on NBC's "Meet The Press" last Sunday, Buttigieg claimed that Moody's estimated the Biden plan would create 19 million jobs. National Economic Council Director Brian Deese also pushed the talking point last week on "Fox News Sunday."

"It's part of a scenario that Moody says will create 19 million jobs, but the bottom line is it's going to add jobs and this is a direct refutation of people who are saying otherwise," Buttigieg said. "So yeah, you're right, I should be very precise. The difference in jobs that that particular analysis suggests is 2.7 million more. That is a great place to be."

Of course, no net new jobs are created by government spending. The funds to pay for governmnet-created jobs are taken via taxation or price inflation from the private sector which means jobs are lost in the private sector.

Markets clear, there is no need for government programs to create jobs. All government programs do is shift jobs to benefit cronies around the government and to buy votes. But Wallace didn't go anywhere near these points, which would have completely exposed Buttigieg.



  1. Opportunity cost is a principle few understand. Even fewer understand that taxation is theft and therefore unethical.

  2. Government job-creation is just me paying my kids an allowance to do chores around the house, writ-large.

  3. With money you stole from your kids and all the neighborhood kids.

  4. The mayor embodies pretty much everything that is wrong with politicians in one single human. Liar. Pandered. Condescending. Authoritarian. Megalomaniac. And a complete fraud down to the stupid bike riding charade.
    Oh and he uses his homosexuality as a victim badge and also as a weapon.
    A truly horrible member of the species.

    1. "Oh and he uses his homosexuality as a victim badge and also as a weapon."

      I'm sure the mask he wears prevents the spread of AIDS in addition to COVID.