Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Donald Trump: The Herbert Hoover of the 21st Century...

A Zoom meeting with Murray Sabrin, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Finance, Sabrin Center for Free Enterprise (founder), Ramapo College of New Jersey

Wed, April 28th @ 4pm EST / 1pm PST

Donald Trump was a one-term president like Herbert Hoover, who occupied the Oval Office during the worst period of the Great Depression.  Democrats successfully ran against Hoover for decades reminding the American people that the GOP president was a "do-nothing" chief executive who allowed the economy to implode during his tenure.  The "Coronavirus recession" and the deaths associated with Covid-19 in 2020 were mainly the factors that caused Trump's defeat last year. 

And after Trump's January 6th rally in the nation's capital that was followed by the  "storming" of the Congress by his supporters, Democrats now have another GOP president that will be their "whipping boy" for years to come. Sabrin is the author of Why The Federal Reserve Sucks: it Causes Inflation, Recessions, Bubbles and Enriches the One Percent.

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  1. The man who brought us FASB 56 - cooperating with his "archenemy" Nancy P while the masses were titillated by a high school groping supreme court nominee? The man who signed the state of emergency at the federal level so the states could lock us down - remember the states can't print money. The man who brought us massive debts a Democrat could never have accomplished?
    Hoover was anything but a "do-nothing" president. He started the programs that FDR put on steroids. Was Hoover just playing his part too? Interesting idea.