Monday, April 19, 2021

Kroger Grocery Store Chain Closes 2 Southern California Stores Over $4 Per Hour 'Hero Pay' Ordinance

Retail grocery store chain Kroger closed two California stores Saturday after Long Beach City approved a coronavirus "hero pay" ordinance, reports Fox Business.

Hero pay ordinances in the city require retail stores and pharmacies with 300 or more workers to pay those workers an additional $4.00 per hour "hero pay."

Democratic Mayor Robert Garcia approved the ordinance in January. 

The company also plans to close three Los Angeles locations on May 12, citing a mandated $5.00 per hour "hero pay" as the leading factor for its decision.

"The mandate will add an additional $20 million in operating costs over the next 120 days, making it financially unsustainable to continue operating the three underperforming locations," Kroger said in a statement.

So in other words, instead of getting the mandated pay hike, some workers will lose their jobs, while others will have to travel to work to more distant store locations---and, of course, shoppers will have fewer options.

This goes to a point I made in a video, you can't overrule economic reality.

"The truth will out," and sometimes the truth can be very painful when you try to mandate against reality.


(ht Martin Hill)


  1. True heroes: They sacrificed their jobs for wokeness!

  2. People are so stupid sometimes. This is just an extension of the minimum wage concept. Just because you mandate higher wages doesn't mean employers will be willing or able to pay them. They might just close the store.