Wednesday, April 7, 2021

STIMULUS IMPACT: Toilet Paper and Diapers to See Price Hikes

Literally, this is where a part of your stimulus money is going---to wipe your butt.

The second-largest toilet paper manufacturer in the U.S. warned that it will soon raise prices on products from bathroom tissue to diapers.

Kimberly-Clark said in a news release that the increases "are necessary to help offset significant commodity cost inflation," reflecting higher supply costs.

The price increases, which will go into effect in June, will be "in the mid-to-high single digits," the release said.

The hikes will affect baby and child care products, adult care products and Scott bathroom tissue.

The idea that you can print money and pass it out without increasing productivity and not expect price increases is absurd. The price increases are not going to stop with toilet paper.



  1. A friend of mine hauls a bit of scrap steel to the recycler. Last year, it was just under 3 cents per pound. Last month it was almost 5 cents, and now 5.5 cents.

  2. Eventually, you'll be using the worthless dollar to do the same work as toilet paper.

  3. Prices are going up, but most of the money supply comes from fractional reserve lending. If we don't have credit expansion, we won't have the crazy inflation most libertarians expect.

    1. Setting aside any expectations, are you saying that the current situation does not look favorable for greater credit expansion?

  4. Metal is cheaper than lumber now.