Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is Julian Assange an 'Electronic Libertarian'?

Journalist Robert Mann recently discussed Julian Assange in an interview with ABC News Radio International.

In the interview, Mann calls Assange an 'Electronic Libertarian', meaning that Assange is against government methods of electronic control and monitoring. Assange, says Mann, fears control by the state via the internet and Assange specifically formed WikiLeaks as a way to cripple authoritarian states. At the same time, Assange is not a free market advocate, but appears to hold some type of welfare state as an ideal model.

I think Mann is pretty accurate when it comes to understanding Assange. Assange seems to have a very sophisticated understanding of how the internet works best in a very laissez faire environment, yet, for some reason, it also appears that he has a very pedestrian view of how the economy works.

The full interview with Mann is here and well worth a listen to.