Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Truth About Paul Ryan

Ever since Mitt Romney announced that his running mate would be Paul Ryan, the media has been working overtime trying to define him.

The path they've chosen is to paint him as a small-government, free-marketer. Several have hyperbolically tried to even pass Ryan off as a libertarian!

Now that Ron Paul is leaving the political scene, it's very important not to let the media succeed in re-defining free-markets and libertarianism.

The upcoming election does not present a stark contrast in ideologies. And Ryan will not cut, slash, or gut anything.

Below you'll find all posts that have appeared on EPJ that cut through the propaganda. When you're confronted by those who fear that the welfare/warfare state will come to a screeching halt if Ryan becomes VP, assure them that they need not fear -- and send them a link: