Sunday, December 2, 2012

Global Manipulator Soros Spotted on Russia's Border

Billionaire oligarch George Sorosn is reported to be in Tbilisi, Georgia where he met Georgia’s PM Bidzina Ivanishvili in the latter’s residence on Saturday, reports Civil Georgia.

The two billionaires met in Ivanishvili’s hilltop “business center.”

Parliamentary chairman Davit Usupashvili was also present at the meeting.

Soros is up to something. At the meeting it was "decided" Georgian officials should meet with representatives of the world’s business circles, at the upcoming economic forum in Davos, which the Prime Minister will attend, reports Democracy and Freedom Watch.


  1. Why isn't Soros in jail yet?

    1. For the same reason Bu$h2, Clinton(s), 0bama, Rumsfield, et al. aren't in jail.

      The MSM never reports the fact that Bu$h administration cronies don't leave the US. They know they will be arrested and tried for the war crimes they committed.

      Thank GOD for the Internet- it is allowing freedom loving, non-sycophant,

    2. Non-sycophant, dissident citizens to share their thoughts on our criminal and dangerous government with the world.

  2. He's probably securing his safe haven for post-collapse US. That's how he ended up in the US in the first place, fleeing other countries he helped take down.

  3. How did Soros and Jim Rogers ever work together at Quantum? I bet there is an interesting backstory there.