Saturday, May 10, 2014

Racists at

Cathy Reisenwitz has made the absurd claim that Hans-Herman Hoppe, Walter Block and Ron Paul are racists  (SEE: Justin Raimondo Smokes Out Absurd Racism Charges Made By Cathy Reisenwitz).

Tom Woods in a tweet stirs the pot and points out that the "Chief Liberty Officer" at, Jeff Tucker, who is a big promoter of Reisenwitz, also has had various affiliations with the alleged-racists. 

Will Reisenwitz call Tucker out on this? Will she stop all affiliation with, now that Tucker has welcomed Block to the web site?

So Cathy what's the deal? Do you have any principles? Are you going to call Tucker out for his associations with people you believe to be racists? Are you going to disassociate yourself from