Saturday, May 10, 2014

MUST VIEW: Junk English and the Misuse of Economic Language

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  1. wankers

    sycophantic and dishonest in every way imaginable

    how about attacking the dishonesty of the elite?

    or the dishonesty of the political class?

    socialization of losses

    you're not so unhappy about bailing out dishonest banks are you

    liars and wankers


    1. The video does attack the dishonesty of the elite and the political class, quite expressly. And yes Austrians are opposed to socialization of losses and banker bailouts (we're against the Fed, remember?).

  2. I have asked statists over and over and over....... What is the living wage? I always follow by stating that I could not live on the $15/hr the fast food workers are demanding (without drastic lifestyle changes of course).

    When we engage statists, the purpose is to make them think about things that increase the need for a higher wage. Then we can proceed right into explaining how personal responsibility works. I.E. eliminate the "need" of an artificially inflated wage by coordinating expenses/lifestyle choices around your income. Heck, I was called a racist for suggesting that individuals live with family and friends until they earn enough income to afford their own home.

    The living wage is just a talking point. It was never intended for serious discussion.