Saturday, May 10, 2014

Racists at

Cathy Reisenwitz has made the absurd claim that Hans-Herman Hoppe, Walter Block and Ron Paul are racists  (SEE: Justin Raimondo Smokes Out Absurd Racism Charges Made By Cathy Reisenwitz).

Tom Woods in a tweet stirs the pot and points out that the "Chief Liberty Officer" at, Jeff Tucker, who is a big promoter of Reisenwitz, also has had various affiliations with the alleged-racists. 

Will Reisenwitz call Tucker out on this? Will she stop all affiliation with, now that Tucker has welcomed Block to the web site?

So Cathy what's the deal? Do you have any principles? Are you going to call Tucker out for his associations with people you believe to be racists? Are you going to disassociate yourself from


  1. Cathy got owned yet again!

  2. I love Tom woods hahga

  3. Yeah, I saw this from Raimondo's tweet. She takes on Kinsela's style debate. "My comment stands." and "Using [so and so] to prove a point is dumb." (paraphrase)

    See, you can always tell the people that don't read. They often times make stupid erroneous comments. I wonder what she'll do once (if) Tucker and her part ways. Some obscured blog perhaps.

    What an awesome tweet by Tom. LOL

  4. There's a site that Reisenwitz apparently likes a lot, especially the name:

    The name's intended to mock.
    Could also be intended to offend conservative libertarians, whom Reisenwitz claims are the main source of the racism she finds in libertarianism.

    I'd urge people to check out the site for themselves.

  5. @Wenzel
    Not only that, Tucker has a long piece extolling Joe Sobran, whom her pals on the left would regard as an anti-Semite. I love Sobran and so do many others, but he did say a lot of stuff that the ADL would call on its face anti-Semitic (which shows you how politically motivate such smears are, anyway)

  6. Cathy is a racist and a hypocrite. I can't come up with any other explanation?

  7. Is she a mole for the Feds?

  8. She somehow continues to claim to be a libertarian...

  9. @Wenzel

    Continuing my earlier post that this attack is political and tactical, not only does Tucker lavish praise on Joe Sobran and thus invalidate his friend Reisenwitz's argument, it is also clear that R is not consistent in whom she attacks and how.

    She doesn't cite any particular statement by Hoppe, Rockwell, Rothbard, Block as racist but cites the Mises forum, which of course takes posts from anyone.

    However, I distinctly recall that last year (2013) she appealed to Rockwell et al. not to support Fred Reed.

    So if Reed is the poster child for racism and sexism, what happened to Reed in this 2014 attack? And how come Rockwell & Co. have now become the bad guys?

    The target shifts depending on who can be separated out from the herd, isolated, branded and decapitated.

    When the attack fails (Tucker "brutalism"), enlist bigger guns (Richman, Johnson).

    When that fails, claim you never meant anything and are a victim of meanness. Flatter select thinnists in the hope you can separate them out and "turn" them.

    When that fails, lie low and return with a cute young female in tow, knowing males can be made to look bad when they debate one.

    So far, I've identified the following people the thickists have a problem with:

    Paul, Hoppe, Rothbard, Rockwell, Block, North, Reed, Cantwell (he fought with Reisenwitz too). Except for Cantwell and Block, they are all social conservatives. And Cantwell and Block are not pro-feminist, to put it mildly.

    In addition, the thickists obviously have problems with Wenzel (not a social conservative but not a feminist, either).

    So that's nine prominent libertarians.
    I vote she do like me and call herself something else.

  10. Look, I thought that opposing higher taxes, increasingly bloated and intrusive government, and ruinous deficits didn't _automatically_ make me a racist. But now I know better: it does. I confess and I ask only for proper reeducation.

  11. Reisenwitz has a sister and boy friend working at the Institute of Humane Studies at George Mason U. in DC.

    Seems to have been blogging in a non-descript and not very active way from 2009 but got a sudden boost in 2013 by being rated highly, along with someone's list of top 5 libertarian blogs, which somehow didn't include EPJ or LRC or the Mises forum...... That list ended up amazingly on HuffPo.
    And early on, with nothing much except this said non-descript blogging, she is being invited to Heritage conferences as the NEW libertarian voice, next to people with major scholarly/policy accomplishments.

    The top 5 list included

    Reason's Hit & Run, Tucker's LFB, the Circle Bastiat, the Independent Institute blog - the Beacon, and the Libertarian Standard - all Tucker's friends and co-workers/employees included within this list

    CR seems to have connections to tech community and cites Lawrence Lessig.
    That goes with the BTC pumping....

  12. Me again....
    The guy who made the list putting Tucker's blog in the top 5 libertarian blogs, along with the blogs of his friends, turns out to be working with or for (LOL!)

    Joseph S. Diedrich is a Young Voices Advocate and a law student at the University of Wisconsin. He also holds a degree in music composition and works with multiple internet start-ups, including

    As a writer, he has been featured at The Washington Times, Townhall, Bitcoin Magazine,, The Libertarian Republic, the Future of Freedom Foundation, the Center for a Stateless Society, CoinChomp, the MacIver Institute, The College Fix, Young American Revolution, Sex and the State, PanAm Post, Right Wisconsin, the Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom, and elsewhere. As a speaker, he has been featured at Liberty Liberty (L2) Fest.

  13. Previously, Reisenwitz worked in one of the largest private companies in the US and one of the top 200 according to Forbes, in the marketing/SEO/ area (if I recall right).

    Turns out this company EBSCO publishing is really huge and is fully involved in business intelligence software and the like. Publishes all kinds of business software, data bases plus has its finger in a lot of industries, including real estate.

    If you research on the Wikileaks site, you will see that EBSCO has major clients such as Stratfor (intelligence publisher and some say Israeli/Mossad front).

    You can also see that EBSCO has collaborated with a spin-off from SAIC (major intelligence firm, fully involved with CIA). The spin-off is based in Reston, Va., which is where the majority of intelligence related private business is located.......

  14. If anyone wants to follow up on the company partnered with EBSCO that's a spin-off from the CIA company SAIC, it's called Content Analyst:

    The Reston, VA location means it's tight with the intelligence community.

    Now you can see where the anti-IP and pro-hacking, pro-BTC rhetoric might come from, wittingly or unwittingly.

    Big data mining companies and database/business intelligence software/publishing companies of all kinds profit from information.
    It's in their business interests to undermine copyright law, among other things.

  15. You forgot Lew Rockwell. She accused him too.

  16. @Anon at 5.57. I didn't.

    See above:

    Rockwell is 4 on the list.

    Also, I forgot to put my name on the previous posts about her background in EBSCO and connection to IHR.
    I should also point out that she's a member of the Young Voices Advocate group, which has connections to a lot of media, and to groups like Aavaz, which are suspect in humanitarian interventionism.
    The guy who made that list of top 5 lib blogs that doesn't include Mises or LRC or EPJ but does include all Tuckerites....he's also in Young Voices Advocates.

    Young Voices Advocates is in DC at an address that is the same as the address of Forbes' DC branch.
    Agora and Forbes have a pretty strong connection. Tucker is connected to Forbes. Tucker promoted CR.

    So the young lady is connected to two billion dollar data/media/internet publishers (both with strong intelligence connections), one directly by past employment, the other via affiliation with Tucker; she is HQ'd in DC and has relatives working at Beltway U, George Mason (more intel); she runs a blog that suddenly shoots up in 2013, has no other significant intellectual accomplishments but that blog, yet manages to be the go-to libertarian voice in DC, with coverage everywhere from HuffPo, to Heritage.

    Within a few months of getting known, she is pushing BTC, Belle Knox, and coming out with these confused accusations and misinterpretations of Mises, seconded by Tucker.

    Interesting, to say the least.