Saturday, September 19, 2015

Living Beneath Your Means Makes Sense and...

...Rachel Ray really shows how to do it.

According to WSJ, published estimates set her annual income at $25 million, a figure that her husband, John Cusimano, says is “in the ballpark.”

But this is where she lives.



  1. But, like Bastiat said, you have to understand not only what you can see, but what you can't see.
    What you see: The simple New York apartment
    What you don't see: The mice. Ray spends 10 million per year on the top of the line pest control.

  2. I never knew why anyone thinks that living outside ones means was ever a good idea. Possibly another product of government indoctrination centers. Also isnt Ray the same woman that neocuntservative harpy Michelle Malkin went after a few years back because Ray wore a scarf for a promotional photo and Malkin shrieked that Ray was endorsing Islamic terrorism?

  3. Saw Cooper and the Crue in NOLA few weeks ago.....The Cringe was absolutely horrible....good thing her husband is a lawyer cuz he sucks as a front man.

  4. I really like a pasta recipe with Kale that Rachel popularized a while back. Never knew who she was before I came across her recipe. And before I taseted it I never would have thought kale was palatable let alone go well with spaghetti. Furthermore, to back up Krugman's position, there is no price inflation if you eat kale instead of prime rib.

  5. RW

    My 2BR/2BA 1200 sq ft midtown Manhattan was around 10k/mo before I bailed. Her place is modest (by rich people standards) but would still cost $300k/yr to rent.

  6. 1. This isn't a small apartment.
    2. That isn't a small kitchen in New York
    3. The interior of the living areas and the kitchen are furnished very nicely. That stove for example is an exceedingly expensive item approaching the cost of a commercial unit.
    4. It's easy to "live under your means" when your various business entities and sponsorships gifts your the things you need to outfit your living space.