Saturday, September 19, 2015

OMG: Lefty Robert Reich is Coming Out with a Book Titled "Saving Capitalism"

Sounds like the book, surprise, is not about stopping the government from interfering in free markets, but changing the points of interference.

From the blurb:
He shows that the critical choices ahead are not about the size of government but about who government is for: that we must choose not between a free market and “big” government but between a market organized for broadly based prosperity and one designed to deliver the most gains to the top. Ever the pragmatist, ever the optimist, Reich sees hope for reversing our slide toward inequality and diminished opportunity when we shore up the countervailing power of everyone else. 

The full title is: Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few.

The book is scheduled for release on September 29.



  1. A deck-chair rearrangement guide. 'Sounds useful!

  2. He has a brief video about it on his Facebook page. It is chock-full of fallacies.