Monday, June 21, 2004

LAX and 9-11

Is there a reader of this blog who may have some inside details?

Approximately the week before the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon, I was at LAX .(The exact date I believe was either the Thursday or Friday before Labor Day.) Late that morning while heading to the terminal and inside the terminal, I saw more police at LAX than I had ever seen pre-9-11.There were literally dozens of police patrol cars parked outside. Inside, my ID along with others in the terminal was checked a number of times. Even as I was heading to go up the escalator there was an airline employee ( I believe it was an airline employee, it's possible she worked for the airport but she did have some sort of uniform on.) checking ID's at the bottom of the escalator with a police officer on each side of her. It was very unusual and again THIS WAS THE WEEK BEFORE 9-11. I am curious as to what was going on? I wonder if perhaps there is somebody at LAX who remembers the incident and can provide me wth more details?

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