Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Boone Pickens: Subsidize My Windmills

Boone Pickens is a very smart man. He understands oil and energy better than most analysts. But, he has just made an $85 million ad buy to run the above commercial. The ad says he has a plan to solve the energy "problem". The ad states that wind power is part of his plan. What he doesn't tell you is that he is looking for his subsides for his own wind farms. When someone has a plan, they can go ahead and execute it. When someone has a plan and they run commercials to tell you about the plan, they want you to pay for their plan.

Boone, also, bitches that 700 billion dollars are leaving this country every year for the purchase of oil. I say that it's a pretty good trade for us. We get oil, the oil producers get deprecating dollars. Hey, isn't that what Boone is doing in his oil trading business, laying off dollars and buying oil?


  1. This dingdong needs to take that money, build a refinery or two and advocate drilling our own oil!

  2. He also owns huge NG reserves, and wants to see “fleets” switch from Diesel to NG

  3. I agree with Ted but think T.Boone should use the money to build a few windmills if he thinks they are the answer to the problems we have. Then he can re-invest the profits from the sale of the power produced to build even more windmills. Subsidies are costing us all way too much. Stop the handouts and maby someone will do something that really helps for a change.