Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Salmon Disses A High Profit Margin Business

Felix Salmon at blogs about one, Kent Campbell, who for a fee of between $500 to $10,000 per month will attempt to:

...make sure that the first page of search results, when someone Googles your name, will include lots of nice positive things, and exclude any bloggers with an ax to grind. One doctor paid Campbell $30,000; it's unclear if the blogger saying nasty things about the doctor ever did drop off the first page of search results, but it's certainly clear that Campbell's on to a good thing here.

Salmon objects to this and continues to write:

Campbell could show his clients reasonably impressive results if all he did was take their money and spend it on fine wines and exotic cars. Beyond that, his business seems to be a pretty standard SEO (search engine optimization) gig..

To us this just seems like good entrepreneurship. If Campbell, indeed, is able to spend the fees on fine wines and exotic cars, so what? Clearly, if someone is paying the fees Campbell is asking for, then that person doesn't know how to solve the problem on his own through "pretty standard SEO", and is willing to pay the price to get the problem solved. Campbell as entrepreneur has information his client don't have, but even further Campbell has to know how to find the clients that need his service and are willing to pay the fees. Pure entrepreneurship.

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