Friday, July 11, 2008

Rupert Murdoch Loses His Wedding Ring

For real.

He got drunk at a lodge bar in Sun Valley (where this week's mogul summit is being held) last night, and after all the other moguls went back to their rooms, Murdoch hung around the lobby looking for his ring. "So began a frantic 15-minute scramble among reporters hungry to please the mogul," Reuters reports. But alas, it's still missing.

Story via Gawker


  1. What was the ring doing off in the first place, Rupe? Blood alcohol levels don't cause wedding rings to mysteriously slide off fingers. Drunk old men trying to pick up ever-younger women cause wedding rings to be awkwardly shoved into pants pockets.

  2. Hmm I gonna give this a try tonight:

    "Baby I lost my ring while drinking."