Friday, August 1, 2008

Obama: The Taker

Oh boy, it is going to pay to be really low profile in a Barack Obama administration.

If Obama senses you have a little stash, he is going to come after it. You see, he needs the cash. None of this, “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime," stuff.

For Obama, it's: "If you want fish, take it from the fisherman."

Obama is out today with an Emergency Theft Program. He needs votes and he has a plan. It is going to cost a lot of money, but forget fund raising, he is just going to decree a new law and take the money for his new plan, and then spread the money across the land. "It's to help working families deal with energy costs," says he.

$500 to each individual, $1,000 to each married couple, it will be according to his decree. Where will Obama get the money for this plan? Will he chip in some money of his own from the "windfall" royalties he has earned from his books? Puhleeze.

Oil, Black Gold, Texas Tea is where it is going to come from. If your company, explores for it and produces it, a good chunk of the money you earn for being right and not producing SUV's, but spending investment money in the oil field, has just become Barack Obama's money.

You see the plan is to convince America that every time they want more, Obama, if he becomes president, will read from his magic teleprompter and find a successful earner and say, "Your money is my money....for the people. We have a Decider no more, I am The Taker."

Of course, as The Taker takes, the fisherman fishes less, the oil producer produces less and The Taker takes from even more. It's for the people, he will say. And soon The Taker will read your name off the Teleprompter, first to take two years of your youth for "National Service" and then to take the money you were planning to store. And, if you say, "But it is my money, I worked for it." He will say, "I am The Taker, you money grubbing whore, those are MY 'windfall' profits there. Go out and earn me some more!"

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