Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Secret Author of "How Stocks Are Manipulated" Has Died

I have protected a secret which can now be revealed. The true author of the underground Wall Street classic, "How Stocks Are Manipulated", was Oppenheimer & Co's chief investment strategist, Michael Metz.

Metz died earlier this month from cancer at the age of 79. He was a five decade veteran of Wall Street.

"How Stocks Are Manipulated" was originally published in 1980 by Macmillan Publishing under the title, "Street Fighting at Wall and Broad: An Insider's Tale of Stock Manipulation". It was republished, with its current title, in 1987 by Richardson Snyder Press. For both titles Metz used the pen name, Marchand Sage.

Many of the techniques outlined in the book would have crossed the line of Securities & Exchange Commission regulations. I suspect Metz employed many of the techniques in his own market operations. The SEC never came close to being aware of, or investigating, Metz's operations.


  1. Metz was a decent and honorable jew - please do not slander his good name and memory with such petty and malignant comments.

  2. How is reporting that he wrote a book slander?

    It was a very good, insightful book.

    Did you read it?

    Anyone who read it would have been wizened about the markets and protected from great losses in the market.

    If you think there was a problem with the book, then you my friend are closer to slander than I am.

  3. Wow, looks like you've been dealing with crazy trolls for years!