Wednesday, September 3, 2008

McCain Camp Threatens Legal Action Against the National Enquirer

CBS News' John Bentley reports:

John McCain’s campaign threatened legal action against the National Enquirer today for running a story about McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin, allegedly having an affair with her husband’s business partner.

“Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin look forward to discussing the issues that Americans care about, fixing broken government, creating jobs, making our country energy independent and securing the peace for the next generation by bringing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to a victorious end,” said Schmidt.

“Legal action will be considered with regard to this disgraceful smear.”

The National Enquirer responded via Drudge:

The National Enquirer's coverage of a vicious war within Sarah Palin's extended family includes several newsworthy revelations, including the resulting incredible charge of an affair plus details of family strife when the Governor's daughter revealed her pregnancy. Following our John Edwards' exclusives, our political reporting has obviously proven to be more detail-oriented than the McCain campaign's vetting process. Despite the McCain camp's attempts to control press coverage they find unfavorable, The Enquirer will continue to pursue news on both sides of the political spectrum.

UPDATE: Did Sarah Palin Have Affairs With Two Of Her Husband's Business Partners? Details here.


  1. know..THE END IS NEAR.. THATS RIGHT!!!! THE END IS NEAR!!!! All I can do i think about the Natinal Enquirer in Men in black... the statement "No matter how crazy, the best news stories come from here.." Im crying tears of laughter...

    Hello.. a simple google check of this Lady shows that thier is a huge divide between wha the camp and the main stream media states..and what you can find with about a half hour of effort! Whats truly sad, after the John edwards fiasco, you would think main stream media would be all over ay rumor...proves once again that the main stream media is COMPLETlY contrlled by coportations... oh this is better then desperate houswives, days of our lives, and 24 put together.. well we need a couple of explosions and hint of goverment complicity for the 24 angle...I give it till mid october.. Oh this is so good..

  2. one can only hope...

  3. Didn't a certain photo editor working for a National Inquirer clone in Florida receive the first "anthrax letter"?

  4. One thing you should know about the National Enquirer:
    After the plethora of libel suits in the 70s (?) and 80s, the National Enquirer instituted a company-wide edict for sourcing. No story can hit the stands without (1) legal vetting when its controversial, and (2) two documented and distinct sources; in some cases, more at the editor's discretion.

    The reporter doesn't have to use the sourced material, but no outrageous fact can be stated without proven documentation, and that information must be kept in the vault. It cannot be stored at a reporter or editor's desk, or on their computers.

    This was obviously a business decision to keep them from losing their business, as they almost did two decades ago.

    This is not common knowledge.

  5. The Enquirer represents the last bastion of a free press in the United States. The reporters there dig deep and long, and the paper gets the dirt they uncover out there for everyone to see. Politicians lie, and real reporters catch them at it and then tell the world. GO ENQUIRER!