Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Anderson (Again) On Non-Economist Krugman

William Anderson writes:

"What’s wrong?" my wife asked anxiously as I looked at the computer screen. I didn’t answer, except to blurt out another, "Oh, no!" Finally, I looked at her and said quietly, "Paul Krugman has won the Nobel in economics."

"Whew!" she answered. "I thought maybe one of your parents had died." "No," I replied. "This is much worse."...

Let me say it again. Paul Krugman is not an economist. His colleagues in the economics profession and the editorial board of the Times may call him an economist, but that does not make him one.

This is harsh criticism, I realize, so I must explain my views in full. Yes, Krugman has a Ph.D. from MIT in economics, but his writings, both popular and academic, demonstrate that he does not believe in laws of economics. Instead, like most folks with socialist leanings, he believes that the state is both omniscient and omnipotent and simply by fiat can eliminate those pesky little problems caused by scarcity.
The full take from Anderson is here.

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