Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trump, The Inflationist, Is Also Becoming A Socialist

Donald Trump, who has been calling for more Fed money printing-- probably since before he reached puberty, has now revealed a bit of a socialst streak in the mind that remains covered by a comb over.

In an interview this morning on CNBC, Trump said the injection of cash into banks felt "artificial." But like a woman who has a frozen face from too much botox, Trump couldn't resist applauding the money injection.

"It's almost socialistic, but I like it, really like it," he said.

He followed this ridiculous statement by making the absurd statement that oil should be $40 to $50 a barrel. Yeah, Donald with the money printing you are applauding start thinking about $240 and $250 per barrel oil.

From time to time, I will hear someone interviewed on CNBC and I wonder if they wander over to Mises.org once and awhile to get an education on how the economic world really works. With Trump, it's the opposite, he appears to know as little about economics as he does about running a gambling casino.

It's embarrassing listening to this man spout economic nonsense followed by more economic nonsense.

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  1. Trump is nothing but a glorified money borrower.