Friday, October 31, 2008

Mankiw Madness: Putting A Decider Between You and Your Money

Super best selling economic text book author and Harvard economist, Greg Mankiw, is suggesting a new method for a second "stimulus" package. He is putting a decider between you and your money:

Congress could pass a fiscal stimulus of a certain amount per person but offer two ways to have it paid out. Each state governor could be allowed to determine whether to take the money as state aid or have it paid directly to his or her state's citizens

This, by the way, from a guy who has already figured out he, personally, is going to work less under Obama tax hikes. And, also suggested ,Harvard should move part of its operations out of Massachusetts, when WSJ published a report about Mass. legislators considering a tax on endowment founds in excess of $1 billion. "Eventually, make Harvard South the main campus, and Harvard North the satellite. If Massachusetts state lawmakers remain hostile, close Harvard North down entirely."

-Robert Wenzel

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