Thursday, October 2, 2008

The New Warren Buffet Book, Snowball, Is Out

I stopped into a bookstore this afternoon and noticed the Alice Schroeder biography of Warren Buffett, Snowball, is out. The book is 960 pages. My plate is quite full right now so it is going to be sometime before I get around to reading a 960 page book.

I did skim through the book, however, and my quick impression is that it is a full biography of Buffett and not by any means an investment primer, or an "investment secrets of Warren Buffett revealed" book.

That said, the book appears to be very thorough about the pre-Oligarch Buffett. The pictures in the book alone, indicate the access Schroder must have had to Buffett. They are not the same tired old pics. Schroeder is former research analyst and my guess is the book is packed with anecdotes providing insight into Buffett the investor. On first glance, it probably is a book that will be required reading for any serious investor in common stocks.

I plan to write a full review of the book once I read it, but, again, that will be sometime down the road..

-Robert Wenzel

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  1. i just bought the book today ...might take me a few weeks to get through it ..once done ill give you my review