Thursday, October 9, 2008

Robert Wenzel In-Person West Coast Consultations

I am going to be on the West Coast for approximately 10 more days. I will be spending part of the time in Los Angeles and the remainder in San Francisco.

During this period, I have set aside time for in-person consultations. Because of the short notice and limited time frame, I am discounting significantly from my regular consultation rates.

The rates, during this 10 day period only, will be $375 for a 30 minute in-person consultation and $700 for a one hour in-person consultation.

I also may have availability for a speaking engagement or two. Topics I speak on include:

The American Oligarchs and the Corruption of the United States Free Market Economy

How To Monitor The Economy: What Data To Watch, What Data to Ignore and Why Reading Mainstream Media News Headlines Will Confuse You and Lose You Money

The Art of Entrepreneurship: How To Make Money Anywhere, Anytime

For further information or to book a date for either a speaking engagement or a consultation, email me direct at


  1. I guess your predictions of massive inflation don't apply to consultant wages?

  2. Oh they do, you'll never see these low rates again. In fact, I expect my rates to go up faster than inflation. So now is the time to take advantage, Bob.

    If you have been a little confused about the Regression Theorem, come fly out now and take advantage of the pre-inflation rates.